Woman Speaking To Her Mother With Alzheimer's
Memory CareSenior Care Tips
September 16, 2020

Communication Tips for Loved Ones With Alzheimer’s

Every year, it’s estimated that hundreds of thousands of people will be diagnosed with the progressive neurological disease, known as Alzheimer’s disease. This means that as caregivers and family members, we must step up and help make life with Alzheimer’s disease as manageable as possible. One of the most difficult…
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Elderly Man With Thyroid Problem
Senior Care TipsSenior Health Problems
August 31, 2020

Does Your Senior-Aged Loved One Have a Thyroid Problem?

Although reaching one’s Golden Years is quite the achievement, there are still some conditions that become more prevalent with age; one of them being thyroid disease. The thyroid is a gland that regulates the body’s metabolism, heart rate, muscle, and digestive system. Thyroid disease is a condition that has an…
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Senior Care Tips
August 14, 2020

Helping Your Senior Loved One With Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a common immune condition where cells build up and cause scaling and dry patches on the skin. Anyone can get psoriasis, but it’s a very common issue amongst the elderly population. If you have a senior aged loved one living with psoriasis, here are some helpful things to…
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Senior cooling off
Senior Care Tips
July 17, 2020

Senior Summer Safety Tips

Summertime in Texas means really hot temperatures. While it’s important that everyone keeps track of their health in the sun, it’s especially important that your elderly loved ones enjoy the season safely. If you have an elderly family member who is part of an independent living community or who just…
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Seniors donating blood
Senior Care Tips
June 26, 2020

Are Seniors Ever “Too Old” to Donate Blood?

The short answer is simple. Most blood donors are proud to have been able to serve their community throughout the course of their lives, and there isn’t an age limit to who can donate blood. However, when it comes to senior-aged loved ones and donating blood, there are always some…
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Older man sitting on a bench while basking in the sun
Senior Care Tips
June 15, 2020

Immune System Boosting Tips For Seniors in the Summer

Maintaining a healthy immune system is essential for seniors who are eager to enjoy their Golden Years in an independent living community. Staying well to stay active is the goal of independent living, and making the right health choices can help mitigate the risks of falling ill throughout the year.…
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Arthritis pain relief for seniors
Senior Care Tips
May 15, 2020

Tips for Senior Living Arthritic Pain Relief

By retirement age, many seniors in the United States will suffer from some form of arthritis. Many people view these aches and pains as a necessary result of aging. However, the breaking down of the tissues and joints in a body is a painful process, and relief is always welcome.…
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Senior Living
April 30, 2020

The Cleanliness of Senior Living Communities

Every family wants their elderly loved ones to thrive in a healthy and sanitary environment. As the body ages, vulnerabilities to several health complications can increase. Sometimes loved ones who live alone may need assistance in cleanliness. While this can become a difficult situation for a family to keep up…
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Senior living choice
Senior Living
April 29, 2020

Which Senior Living Choice is Best for You and Your Family?

When your loved ones begin to move up in age, living on their own at home quickly becomes a null option. Eventually, the need for extra care grows evident, and the move to senior living could be the healthiest solution for your loved one. However, with so many unique needs…
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Elderly bruising
Senior Health Problems
April 16, 2020

Understanding Elderly Bruising and Risk Prevention

We all manage to bruise ourselves at some point in time. While the average bruise may be a little unsightly or painful to the touch, they tend to heal quickly and life carries on. When it comes to our elderly loved ones, we should pay special attention to any bruise.…
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