3 Helpful Tips for Transitioning A Loved One into Senior Assisted Living

By October 12, 2017Community Search Tips
Tips for moving into senior assisted living home

As age begins to set in on loved ones, the ease of taking care of their daily needs becomes ever more difficult. As much as you would want to be able to help your family member or close friend with all of their emotional, physical, and mental needs, this is something that is extremely difficulty without the help of professionals in senior assisted living facilities.

As time goes on, you may realize that your loved one may be better off in a senior assisted living community. Moving your loved one into one of these communities may seem difficult for both parties at first, but we have some helpful tips that will help make the transition from home to senior assisted living a comforting next step in the lives of your family.

1. Visit the Senior Living Community Together

Before making the official decision to move your loved one into a senior assisted living community, make sure they are able to make a visit or two to the facilities. During these visits, take advantage of understanding all that the senior living community has to offer for their community members.

Some things to look out for on the visits include:

  • Inquire about their nursing staff and care services
  • Take a look at the nutritional value of the menus
  • Examine what apartment types are available that best meet your needs and preferences
  • Get a feel for how current community members enjoy the facility
  • What activities and social opportunities are offered

2. Meet the Staff and Let Them Know About Your Loved One

Once you have made the decision with your loved one on an assisted living community, take some time to meet with the staff that will be taking care of your family member. While meeting with them, let them know about your loved one.

This is a great time to tell them your loved one’s likes, dislikes, music preferences, health issues, and more. The more information you can provide an assisted living community increases the opportunity for you, your family and ours to coordinate care and your desired lifestyle and preferences together.

Customize Senior Living Bedroom3. Customize the Living Quarters to Meet Your Loved One’s Comfort Level

You want your loved one’s new assisted living home to be just that; home. Take their favorite things from their former home and incorporate them into their senior living quarters.

Some helpful tips include:

  • Family photos
  • Familiar wall décor
  • Favorite Chair or piece of furniture
  • Arrange rooms similarly to former home for familiarity
  • Personalize front door (wreath, welcome sign, etc.)

Cornerstone Senior Living Offers Communities that Feel Like Home

If you are looking for a place that feels like home for your loved one, or a place that helps them feel safe and cared for, Cornerstone Senior Living has multiple, great communities for you and your family to look into.

We offer care levels across eight senior living communities that include:

  • Independent Living
  • Assisted Living
  • Memory Care
  • Transitional Care & Rehabilitation

Our promise to families that place their trust in Cornerstone Senior Living is to make your loved one feel like an extension of our own families. If you are interested in scheduling a tour of one of our facilities, or just have questions about senior living, call us today for more, valuable information.

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  • Kyle Wayne says:

    I like that you mention customizing the living quarters to meet your loved one’s comfort. My brother is looking to help our grandpa move to an assisted living home. I’ll be sure to talk to him about helping him transition and giving him a comfortable room.

  • Larry Weaver says:

    Thanks for the tip to take some time and meet the staff of senior communities so that they can get information on loved ones and how to better take care of them. My parents are getting older and I’ve been thinking that it might help them out if they lived in a community that was easier for them to get around. I’ll have to talk to them and see what they would like to do for living in a senior community.

  • Roger Middleton says:

    I liked that you had mentioned that when it comes to transitioning into a new assisted living facility that it can be important to customize the living quarters to make sure they can feel comfortable and at home. My father in law has been having a few problems and we’re a bit worried about him and what could possibly happen if he is left alone for too long. We’re thinking it might be time to start looking for an assisted living center to place him in to avoid future problems, once we start looking we’ll be making sure we can make it look and feel like home for him.

  • Alexandria Martinez says:

    A good friend of mine was worried about the transition her grandmother will need to make into senior living. She was asking for any tips that her friends might have to make it easier. I will let her know to meet the staff and interview them as suggested.

  • Derek Dewitt says:

    My wife is considering getting a caregiver for her dad, so thanks for sharing these tips. I like that you suggest meeting the staff that will be taking care of him to go over things like health issues and preferences. We want to make sure that they are aware of his conditions, so we’ll be sure to do something like this.

  • Alexandria Martinez says:

    A good friend of mine called me the other day telling me about her look into assisted living for a loved one. She had been calling around for advice on how to choose a home. I will let her know that it is beneficial to meet the staff that will be taking care of her loved one.

  • Jenna Hunter says:

    I appreciate your advice on making sure that you incorporate a loved one’s favorite things from home into their new assisted living quarters to make them feel more comfortable. My grandpa recently passed away so my grandma is thinking about moving into an elderly assisted living community. I think it would be a good idea to fill her space with photos and her favorite knickknacks from her old house so that the transition doesn’t feel so awkward.

  • Jay says:

    While you are looking for an assisted living facility, I would suggest starting a list of all you loved one’s interests. Then, while you are searching, keep those things in mind, so they could be happy and occupied while they are there. Thanks for the tips!

  • Steven Czyrny says:

    Thanks for sharing some helpful tips that will help transition comfortably from home to senior assisted living.

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