5 Research Tips That Assess Your Assisted Living Needs

By October 26, 2018Senior Living
Assessing assisted living needs

Moving yourself or a loved one into assisted living is a huge decision. This is a life-change that requires some serious planning and research in order to ensure that the needs of you and your loved one are met.

Rushing into a retirement home situation is a gamble and could result in financial loss and improper assisted living care. Here are five of the best-assisted living research tips to help you and your loved one properly be on the way to a happier life when moving into a senior community.

1.   Consider Your Current and Future Needs

Everyone in assisted living has their own set of needs that make their quality of life acceptable. If your loved one is living at home currently and you notice their needs increasing, take notes.

Make sure you keep tabs on what would make their life easier if they lived in assisted living. Then form questions that you can ask different senior living communities regarding the accommodations provided for your family’s specific needs.

2.   Reach Out For Assisted Living Referrals

Previous experience is always the best teacher. Before even starting your preliminary research, head to Facebook or Twitter. Join local online groups that have members who will be able to tell you their experience  with assisted living.

These people can direct you to assisted living communities, like Crystal Creek of Preston Hollow, that have helped members with the specific issues that your loved one faces.

3.   Don’t Just Visit Once

Once you have found a potential future senior living community, make sure you visit a few times. Take some time to schedule a guided tour, as well as stop in during the day and night times.

Even an unannounced visit is a great option so that you can observe how the community operates when visitors aren’t expected.

4.   Think About Your Parent’s Personal Tastes

Just because you like the aesthetic of an assisted living community, doesn’t mean that it will fit in with what your loved one considers to be ideal. This decision is ultimately one that has a huge impact on your loved one entering the community. Having them involved in the decision-making process is important. Try to consider their personality and what type of community they would personally enjoy living in.

5.   Read the Fine Print

Before making a decision, make sure to carefully review the community contract and pay attention to the finer details involved. Yes, assisted living contracts are fairly straightforward, but there can still be some confusing jargon or fees involved that you will want to know about before agreeing to a commitment.

Cornerstone Helps You Make the Right Decision For Assisted Living

Searching for the right retirement home can be a job on its own. You will definitely have lots of questions and will want answers from qualified professionals. Stop into a Cornerstone assisted living community near you and get the right answers from our team, first hand. Contact us today to find out how to schedule a visit and tour.

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