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April 2020

Senior Living
April 30, 2020

The Cleanliness of Senior Living Communities

Every family wants their elderly loved ones to thrive in a healthy and sanitary environment. As the body ages, vulnerabilities to several health complications can increase. Sometimes loved ones who live alone may need assistance in cleanliness. While this can become a difficult situation for a family to keep up…
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Senior living choice
Senior Living
April 29, 2020

Which Senior Living Choice is Best for You and Your Family?

When your loved ones begin to move up in age, living on their own at home quickly becomes a null option. Eventually, the need for extra care grows evident, and the move to senior living could be the healthiest solution for your loved one. However, with so many unique needs…
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Elderly bruising
Senior Health Problems
April 16, 2020

Understanding Elderly Bruising and Risk Prevention

We all manage to bruise ourselves at some point in time. While the average bruise may be a little unsightly or painful to the touch, they tend to heal quickly and life carries on. When it comes to our elderly loved ones, we should pay special attention to any bruise.…
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